This is the Zantology's Holy Book, the Zantanna, it is set out a bit like a Bible.I am going to start writing it.


-1:1- In the beginning of the universe there was Akah. There always has been Akah. He has always had a presence of Him. -1:2-

In the beginning there was just the spiritual dimension filling the vastness of nothing. His presence was there. As He achieved to make Himself bigger, so did the spiritual dimension. This created force, and energy. As the spiritual dimension expanded, it stretched out, flat and created the Akahthon. It was a line that separated the spiritual dimension, where time lasts forever, has no cause, effect or life. On the other side, was the time dimension. This dimension is where we live, and has cause, effect, meaning and life.

-1:3-There was now space. Empty space. Akah thought 'I may make life in these empty dimensions, one for the living and one for the dead.' -1:4-He created more energy so that forces could be created. After billions of years, the first forces and objects were made. The objects made bigger objects, the forces made different things, until heat and cold was created. Some of the heat melted the objects, and turned them into liquids. The liquids turned into gases. -1:5-Gravity was then created. Eventually, the moons, stars, and planets were created, and also, life. -1:6- Akah needed a way to get the dead ones to the spiritual dimension. With his mighty power, O Lord, he created black holes. He decided, that when your life in the time dimension was over, your soul could travel through a worm hole to get to the spiritual dimension.


-1:1- Somewhere in the ever growing universe, Earth was created. Earth was lucky as it contained water, and was in a perfect position from the Sun. -1:2- The water was created, the grass grew, little molecules swam in the oceans, the molecules grew, the first fish were created. The fish grew legs, they went out of water, the first land creatures were created and so on, whilst Akah looked over it. -1:3-There became a species that looked promising. They were built perfectly for walking upright -1:4- And that meant their hands for free, so they could build. That meant they discovered fire, do they could keep warm, and cook. That meant they could hunt, and be sheltered and keep warm by themselves. They wanted better shelters, better food and better fires. This meant communication. -1:5- O Yohar our teacher, He visited planet Earth. -1:6- He saw how intelligent human beings were. He helped them build, talk, cook and showed them his batteries and technology. -1:7- The humans were impressed with Yohar, and extremely grateful. -1:8- They drew cave drawings of strange creatures