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Wer Flohli di Wer Darastrixi
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Gods - Malsvir - Four Guardians

Dragon Religion

four guardians of the earth as depicted by the followers.

The Followers of the Dragons, officially known as Wer Flohli di Wer Darastrixi is a quadrotheistic religion following four deities known as darastrixi. The religion believes in one deity higher than all others known as wer yowethilt ir. Adherents believe this deity doesn't listen to prayers unless given to the four guardians of the earth. Their names are wer mitnetora ir the white, wer sjach the black, wer kear the yellow, and wer thurkear the blue. These guardians are said to protect the earth from their brother known as malsvir the red.

Philosophy and teachings

Religious text

The religious text of the faith is a book called dragonology. Dragonology is a text that has every dragon and studies the species of dragons. This religious text has not yet been written.


Adherents believe when one dies, they are not dead rather that wer yowethilt ir has taken their body to cleanse the brain of all sins and when he finishes, the brain is placed in a new body. Henceforth the religion believes in reincarnation as this higher deity keeps memories intact except for the ones which a person has sinned.

Sacred food

The religion's adherents have a small selection of holy foods. The followers of the dragons hold any red meat along with grapes and milk as holy foods.


The religion believes in several deities. The highest deity is named wer yowethilt ir. He is the only dragon who will not answer the average follower. It is believed he only listens to prophets or teachers. The religion teaches this deity is a green dragon.


Prayers which are designated for use during worship in the religion are:

  1. The Family Prayer - a different prayer for all families that follow the religion. An example would be "May the darastrixi watch over this household and protect it from the evils of malsvir. Jaaril, Mul, Zin."
  2. The Confession Prayer - a prayer meant if one has wronged another person or done something that goes against the religion. "May the darastrixi forgive me and wash away all of my deeds done for malsvir, Frolaaz, Aavrosii, Friik"
  3. The Marriage Prayer - a prayer either done as a blessing to newly weds or as prayers said by the clergy stating "May The darastrixi protect this couples bond and keep their love as strong as can be. Lokaal, Pahgein, Midrot"

Sinful behaviour

The followers of the dragons hold the following as sinful behaviour:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Worshiping Malsvir
  • Harming the innocent
  • Changing deities of worship


Wer flohli di wer darastrixi believes in a strict, no stress practice so its adherents practice by having one hour of meditation.

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