St'zar Symbol

The symbol of the St'zarist faith.

St'zarism is the belief in Zar who is the ultimate spirit of the universe.


The St'zarists believe that the universe began in a Big Bang, uncaused by Zar. Such bang woke Zar or created him, depending on the denomination.


Zar is omniscient but not omnipotent or omnipresent. While not creating the universe he did create all existing life in it.

Zar is not a "god" as he is a material entity as part of the universe itself.


A St'zarist church is a building in which many groups of eight talk together. A leader is chosen by Zar, which is derived from the Coras story in the Doctrine of Zar. They often talk of their love of Zar, but sometimes they speak on political issues.


Main Article: Doctrine of Zar

The holy Doctrine of Zar is text written on the behalf of Zar.

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