Spiritolatry is the worship of all things spiritual, that is also the perfect religion for those who identify as being "Spiritual, but not Religious". Spiritolators worship spirits and ask for their guidance and favors. This religion is the most eclectic and syncretic form of spirituality, as everything is deemed as possible, and truth is only in the eyes of the beholder, so not all Spiritolators will even come close to having the same beliefs, whatsoever!

  • Basic points/ Core beliefs/ Primary teachings
    What s Up

    The founder of Spiritolatry, Joseph D. Smith.

    : The world is purely spiritual, and only our spiritual nature is real. Suffering is only a state of mind, an illusion, and that overcoming suffering is only a step away by realizing our true spiritual nature. Although everything is relative and thus everything is possible, and must therefor follow the laws of physics.
  • Views of the Beginning of the World: The world never started and never ended, as it always has been. There are, however, various extra-dimensional planes, or higher-states of existence. There are an unlimited amount of possibilites for several Heavens, Hells, or even spiritual spheres and realms!
  • Views of the afterlife (if any): We believe that everyone is given a personal afterlife, which they then create on their own accord. Every afterlife is then determined by the individual person, who shapes the reality to their own will! They are free to persue whatever or whoever they want.
  • Gods/aliens/other supernatural/powerful beings (if any): All Gods & Goddesses, angels & demons exists, and quite possibily in numerous versions of themselves! We believe in all supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, fairies, and everything you can possibly think of! We believe primarly in the spiritual side of things, such as ghosts and spirits who we look to for guidence and ask for favors!
  • Primary teachers/ main people/ prophets (if any): Joseph D. Smith is the founder of the religion, which he founeded in April 2009, which he has followed sense.
  • Sacred sites/ places of worship/ holy ground (if any) As everything is spiritual by nature, all life and spaces are seen as sacred, and thus sometimes create new sacred sites, and holy grounds. Sometimes we go to various already existing sacred sites!