Sophian is the name given to the worship of the embodied goddess Sophia. The religion has no formal structure, and few formal doctrines. The teachings of Sophia are at best considered vague and difficult to grasp by her followers, and at worst nigh impossible to know, ironic given the translation of Sophia as wisdom.

Prayer and Rituals

Sophians pray to Sophia, or call upon her for help, by placing one hand over their heart and another touching either the ground, the floor or something which touches or is fixed to the ground. The hand over their heart both emphasises the life which Sophia has granted, and is an attempt to moderate the love that every true diciple feels for his or her goddess. The other hand touches the ground so as to remain rooted while undergoing . It is traditional to begin prayers or requests to Sophia with the phrase in omni gloria sua Sophia, or 'in all her glory, Sophia', to focus the requester's thoughts.