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Sidutruism, also called Sidutru is a polytheistic religion founded in the United States of America by Talisman Skulls. Its founded upon the recognition of the Divine Unity of one god and three goddesses. It is considered a modern adaptation drawing from and re-evaluating ancient concepts and basic spiritual foundations that were held in common, while also abandoning practices that are both inappropriate or completely irrelevant to the spiritual and social needs of people today.

Its a common misconception to call Sidutru a pagan faith, however, it isnt. The Sidutru faith isn't pagan, heathenistic, wiccan, satanic, atheistic, occultists, mystics, or monotheists. 

Philosophy and teachings

Divine Unity

Divine Unity

The Divine Unity

According to Sidutruism there is one god and three goddesses. Their relationships with one another is represented in and through the processes and concepts of sacred geometry. It also expresses their relationship with all of creation. It is very much a true quadrotheisic system. This comes from following the actual concepts as expressed in sacred geometry following it's premiss to completion without trying to side step or force a false monotheistic concept in place of what is really represented. One can truly say that this concept of what the Divine Unity really is, in regards to the supreme god and the three great godesses is geometry's dirty little secret. 


The clergy are called warlocks and witches. Warlocks and Witches do not have necessarily special authority to perform certain sacred rites but may be called upon to officiate over such matters as Weddings and Funerals by necessity. In this sense Warlocks and Witches within Sidutruism are simply a teachers and keepers of the customs/traditions being therefore people sufficiently educated in the concepts, principles and cultural foundations. As such Warlocks and Witches primary roles can be regarded in this sense to instruct the community and to answer questions and resolve disputes within the context of Sidutruism.

In addition such Warlocks and Witches are not just educated in Sidutruism either, but tend to be thoroughly educated in many areas of theology, philosophy and traditions so as to be able to understand and communicate in a civil and honorable manner with civil and clear minded representatives of other beliefs, but will cease to discuss anything if others begin to demonstrate attitudes of infallibility, superiority and absolute certainty seeing such as nothing more as hate mongers seeking to pick a fight were none is needed. In addition, Warlocks and Witches do not try to reconcile things that are clearly and fundamentally opposed or cater to stroking the egos of others “just to make them happy.”

Familiar spirits and imps

According to Sidutru beliefs, a Familiar is not someone's house pet possessed by some demon or nature spirit. In fact the original Familiar was a Household Slave of a Pope/Bishop's household which itself is a concept carried over from Ancient Rome. The alternative term was Thrall which became Troll and also Bondsmen that had no rights to self or their children.

It was later applied to Warlocks and Witches that had spirit helpers and guardians that also had totemic qualities as their spirit allies that would be anything from an ancestor to an animal ghost but not a physical living creature. Now again, the fact that Warlocks and Witches were the clergy and spiritual leaders of the people, the Catholic and Christian sources had a preoccupation with claiming such were making parodies of the Catholic Church, but it is also well known that the Catholic Church has had a long history of association with the Occult.

Spell books

Its believed Warlocks and Witches never had any such books, and most such books of the Occult were created by Catholic Clergy, and some point blank fabricated to create False Evidence to be used in trials against the innocent being accused of heresy. In other words today we would call this planted evidence. The rest were much later works of the 16th and 17th centuries when Science was beginning to be a legitimate interest but also periodically deemed works or sorcery and the crafts of Warlocks and Witches.

The rest that was gleaned tended to be old philosophies, alternative translations of the Jewish Torah and Catholic Bible to name a few with a heavy dose of Greek and Latin philosophies that floated around mainly in the Catholic Archives. This is where most of the material Freemasons got their information from before becoming an occult center of their own having originally been a Catholic builders guild and from whom "rogues" of the Freemasons and various later Fraternities remade everything on their own for all sorts of less than honorable reasons, but the main ones being politics, money and power over others.

Culturally Warlocks and Witches were of the same old world Oral Traditions like everyone else and these Oral Traditions were not Secret Traditions. That again is a much later and modern Occult invention. The concept of the Book of Shadows is entirely a modern invention and is not what any actual Warlocks or Witches had any dealings with. In any case, pretty much all  "Occult Works"  begin no earlier than the 13th  Century C.E. and are always rooted in Catholic Interpretations. This only changes slightly around the 16th and 17th centuries onward.


According to Sidutru beliefs, they don't believe in magic. Its believed the real "power" comes from taking control of one's self without trying to control others or play manipulation games with their minds, or letting them manipulate one's self.


In Sidutruism there is no scripture. Sidutruar find such concepts misleading, deceptive and useless. They believe any that would proclaim unreliable sources written by individuals that have no understanding of the principles or concepts of Sidutruism, and all else of the sort is regarded as nothing more than fabrications intended to divide people and deceive them.


Clergy, like anyone else, are not required to wear a particular uniform, and can dress just like any other person. Ceremonial based headdresses are specific to Warlocks and Witches and represent their achievements as their badges of honor and traditionally made for them by their immediate members of their community. They are very sacred and not just some sort of style sported for fun or showmanship. The cone form did not represent as others have claimed as some sort of "cone of power nonsense." In this sense their shape was simply a common style of the period in which they originated. It was their decorations and particular style that marked the distinctions.


Religion is simply considered a Sidutruar principle bonds of culture, tradition and beliefs. They don't see the principle as conflicting with legitimate science. For them, the only conflict occurs with dogmatic religions that see their written works as the only thing that is factual and they see this as ignorance. In this, when one understands the concepts of ancient thought, there is a clear match and harmony with what modern sciences have uncovered. Otherwise everything else is mere assumption that is unreliable and cannot be otherwise justified. Sidutruar go by a quote of Albert Einstein; "science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Sidutru adherents interpret this as knowledge without bonds is crippled, Bonds without knowledge is blind taking the literal meaning of both science and religion to understand the meaning and from which true spirituality is achieved. 

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