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Right Reason is a religion based on the life and teachings of Daniel Kanarski. An adherent of Right Reason is called either a Reasoner or a Right Reason Patron Philosopher.

The first and foremost tenet of Right Reason is the belief that duality of spirit and material, the phyiscal and the supernatural, does not exist, and that God and man are indeed one and the same, rather than the duality imposed by many religions.

Reasoners believe that there is life on other planets in the form of energy. Their symbols are adopted from astrology, that represent the planets in the solar system. According to Reasoners, symbols, words, and sounds all effect the Universal metaconsciousness. Therefore, even the smallest of good can effect the plane of existence.


Planets in astrology glyphs


There are an infinite amount of Gods existing, but none of them are all-powerful or all-benevolent.


There are no absolute restrictions, but followers of Right Reason are advised not to eat meat from sentient beings, or seeds.

Nature of Reality

To Reasoners the reason why there is evil in the world is because our Universe and everything in it was made imperfect to begin with.

Meditative Ideas

There is space between concepts and ideas.
Although from a distance, the collective appear as one identity.
On the deepest smallest level, everybody is living energies and cells.
Not everything fits into a set of categories.

Refined iron is stronger and more useful than raw ores.
Everybody must refine their thoughts, emotions, etc.
The idea is to make progressions.

Nirvana is rapid self transmutation.
The word Nirvana falls short of the real process behind the idea.
The word transmutation doesn't do justice to the art either.

There is space between beings and energies, too.
Yet at the deepest level, things can move faster than light.

Know that everybody has a force.
Know that even a tiny but true improvement can bloom like a tree from a seed.
Know that there is more than what one sees, not less.

Therefore, as one breathes in slowly, one must focus on absorbing the finest cosmic energies.
When one slowly breathes out, that person lets go of waste.
If one does this enough, it will start a new pattern in one's consciousness.
Many things effect the mind.
Be careful, even seemingly harmless ideas can use up years of one's precious time.
Likewise, rejoice, good ideas will also build upon one's life.

Try many variations of meditation.
Find what works best for oneself.
Find what increases and improves one's force.