In September of 2017, theologian Andronikos Nikomedes coined the term "Quadelementum" to describe a certain Renaissance belief system that is considered by some to be Pagan in modern times. The belief system that Nikomedes was referring to was the Four Elements and their Elementals. The Four Elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. According to Quadelementum, these elements are found in all matter.


Andronikos Nikomedes coined the term "Quadelementum" by fusing the Latin words quad (four) and elementum (element).


According to Paracelsus, each element had an Elemental. The Elemental for Earth was the gnome. Gnomes are described as small men who can move through solid earth like a man moves through air.

Undines are female Water Elementals who live in oceans, ponds, lakes, etc. A man may marry an Undine, but if he is unfaithful to his Undine wife, then he is fated to die.

Sylphs are Air Elementals that are similar to angels and fairies. Some Renaissance authors describe them as invisible, while others say they are visible.

Salamanders are regarded as Fire Elementals by Quadelementians (another term coined by Nikomedes). In Quadelementian folklore, salamanders are described as creatures that are able to stand in fire and remain unharmed.