Puppetism is a parody religion created by some kid just for fun. It is the religion of all puppets that have not been assigned a religion by their owner. Puppeteers can also adhere to Puppetism.

Puppetists believe that Pinocchio is the god of puppets, no matter what type of puppet or what material they are made of.

Pinocchio's Commandments

  1. Love thy puppet/puppeteer as you love thyself
  2. Thou shall not deface a puppet
  3. Thou shall honour thy Puppeteer
  4. Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's puppet/puppeteer
  5. Thou shall not steal another man's puppet

Creation story

Excerpt from the Book of Puppets

"A long time ago, there was Geppetto. And Geppetto created the first puppet. And that puppet was the Lord Pinocchio. This puppet became the Lord of all Puppets after he was blessed by a faerie. And Geppetto became the prophet and puppeteer of Pinocchio and his holy creed of Puppetism. Geppetto spread the word of Puppets all over the world. Soon, many people owned puppets and became ventriloquists and puppet show people."