Nèrvoos is a religion that was written down by a young prophet during his times in an inner-city high school. He had written it down in his notebook and became ridiculed when it was stolen from him. The beliefs of this young man have persisted in others who have heard the call of the gods, both far and near.

There are ten deities in total, with two being of one body and mind at different stages in time. Two of the deities are mutually exclusive and are not able to be worshipped along side one another except in certain circumstances. All dieties are able to be worshiped as a main deity, but some function better as mains than others.

There are also a manner of beings from which the gods themselves cannot control, save for one who is under the power of Eldritch Abomas. Some may see them as daemons but they are merely other creatures that roam this plane of existence and enjoy what they do upon their acquaintances.


Noxa (Noxus, Nox, Oloth, Shada, Luna, Ravinas)

Noxa is the goddess of darkness, safety, beauty, night, serenity, birds, Lunar light, healing, pacifism, and bats.

One of the mutually exclusive deities, her worship is as follows:

  • Walking under the light of the Full Moon cleanses all wrongdoings for the lunar month preceeding
  • Being in dark or dim areas allows her healing wings and hands to envelop you
  • Prayer to her is a means of conversation and no requests shall be granted because of it
  • Being outside at night is a tithe of time
  • Viewing or thinking of the moon is a tithe of attention

To her followers she is: A Dark, Caring, guardian of those who dwell within the darkness.

To her enemies she is: An Evil goddess of the night and all treacherous things within it.

To her, sinning is starting physical conflicts, spilling blood in offence, and causing unneeded strife.

She is known to assume many forms: the Night Mist that crawls along the ground, the Shadows during the daytime, an Unkindness of Ravens, a Cloud of Bats, the Light from the Moon itself, and a Beautiful Woman with Dark/Gothic makeup, Long Pitch Black Hair, a Dress that cascades through various shades of grey, and two black wings upon her back, one of a raven and one of a bat.

Her titles include, but are not limited to: The Lady of Darkness, Princess of Serenity, Loving Goddess of the Night, Cherishing Maiden of Lunar Light, Guardian or Shadows, Queen of Birds, Caller of Bats, Mistress of the Stars, Bringer of Tranquility.

Her symbols are: birds and bats of any kind, the Moon, dark makeup, black roses, jasmine.

Her sacred colours are Black, Silver, Grey, and Purple.


Other Names: Lux, Ssussun, Sol, Luxis

He is the God of Light, danger, daytime, war, hyenas, searing light, weapons, reptiles, and blood lust.

The other mutually exclusive deity, his worship is as follows:

  • Sweat in battle is a sacrifice of life
  • Conflict is a tithe of interaction and a repentance of sin
  • Light is a giver of strength and will
  • Screams of anger are a repentance of sin
  • Prayer to him is a request for him to keep out of your way and allow you to attack of your own accord
  • Should you wish not to fight, you must make your case with him and spend at least some time under the sun

To his followers he is: an Excited god of conflict resolution and hunting.

To his enemies he is: a Vengeful god of Hatred, War, Blood Lust, and Destruction.

To him, sinning is not fighting or training, stopping conflict, and never attacking first.

He has many forms: a Horse-sized Spotted Hyena, a Den of Snakes,a Lounge of Lizards, Sentient Flames, a Large Ball of Light, and a Handsome Man with the Lower-Body of a spotted Hyena, completely black eyes with embers at the center, holding a flaming spear in one hand and a bloody sword in the other.

His titles include, but are not limited to:Wrathful God Lux, the Laughing General of Searing Light, the Burning Warrior, the Scaled Survivor, the Hateful Harbinger of Flame

His symbols are: the Sun, Weapons, War, Conflict, Light, Morning Glories, Sunflowers, and Reptiles.

His colours are: White, Gold, Red, and Orange.

The Creator

They are not known to have any other name.

They are the Deity of Creation, Space, Time, the Universe, the Multiverse, and Being.

They are a necessary deity and are worshiped universally, their worship is as follows:

  • Learn all you can
  • Experience things

All know them as The Creator.

There is no sin unto them, for all things are an experience.

Their forms are: The very Cosmos, Unity between all things, All within the universe, an Androgenous Human Being wearing a t-shirt with a moon on the right arm and a sun on the left arm, the t-shirt and pants made of the night sky and patterned with stars, and a Sleeping Being made of Stars, Galaxies, and Planets.

Their titles are only one, and that is Creator

Their symbols are: an Atom, Space, Time, Everything, Universes

Their Colours are: any and all colours in every wavelength possible


She has not revealed to have any other name but that one.

She is the Goddess of romance, love, hate, hateful-love, relationships, friendship, humanity.

She is a necessary goddess and is worshiped universally, however her stronger worship is as follows:

  • Kisses, hugs, dates, intercourse, and other love-filled actions
  • Romantic bites, hate-dates, romantic fighting, hate-sex, and other hateful actions towards hate-lovers
  • Hugs, talks, messages, helping hands, and other platonic acts towards closest friends
  • Acting as a wall between unfaithfulness, helping other relationships flourish, and other acts of faithful helping

To those that despise her, she is known as: a Dark Goddess of Hate and Lust.

To those that enjoy her, she is known as: a Lovely Goddess of Love and Fertility.

To her there is no sin, only expression of the soul.

Her form is that of an androgenous woman with a heart/spade tattoo on her shoulder blade and a green dress that forms into a bell-flower shape at her hips to her feet.

Her titles are: The Lovely Goddess and The Goddess of Virility

Her symbols are: a Heart, a Spade, a Diamond, a Clubs Suit, a Kiss, Hugs

Her Colours are: Bright Red, Pitch Black, Pale Pink, and Ash Grey


He goes by no other name.

He is the God of Dreams, Nightmares, and Sleep

He is a necessary God and is worshiped universally, his only worship is as follows:

  • Dreaming
  • Sleeping

To those that despise him, he is known as: a Capricious God of Nightmares

To those that love him, he is known as: a Child-like God of sleep

There is no sin unto him, for he couldn't care less

His forms are varied but are commonly a wispy young man, clouds, a young boy with faerie wings, and a harlequin

His title is the God of Sleep.

His symbols are: clouds, dreams, nightmares, sleep

His Colours are: Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, and White


She goes by no other name, but her name can be spelled in different ways: Terras, Terros, and Teros.

She is the Goddess of Life, Magic, and Monsters.

She is a necessary Goddess and is worshiped passively and universally, for those who choose to worship her as a main deity, her worship is as follows:

  • Be kind to other living things
  • Use powers that are obtained wisely
  • Be friendly to all

To those that despise her, she is known as: an Evil goddess of Demons and Fiends.

To those that adore her, she is known as: a Good Goddess of Life and Nature.

To her, sin is: being aggressive for no reason, abusing power, and cursing life.

Her forms are as many as there are forms of life, but her most common are: A young woman with green eyes and accents with a head of red hair, a beautiful girl with the lower-body and aspects of a male animal, an ash tree, and a woman with leaves in her hair.

Her titles are:Mother Earth, Goddess of Nature and Creatures, Gaia-Earth Mother, Echidna-the fierce goddess, and The Flowering Queen.

Her Symbols are: Flowers, animals, magic, monsters, and demons.

Her Colours are: Brown, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, and grey.


They are also known to have the name Mortis at times.

They are the deity of Death, the Afterlives, Judgement, Consequences, and Undeath.

They are a necessary deity and are worshiped passively by understanding death and your actions which may cause it.

To those that despise them, they are known as: an evil Deity of Death

To those that revere them, they are known as: a lovely Deity of Afterlives and Judgement

To them, the only sin is not being mature enough to accept your own mortality

They have only two known forms but may have others, the current ones known at this time are: an androgenous human wearing a black robe with short white hair and wielding a scythe, the other is that of a cloaked skeletal being wielding a pitch black scythe and burning white eyes.

Their Titles are: The Judge, The Ferrier, Death, The Reaper of Lost Souls, Blind Justice

Their symbols are: skulls, scythes, afterlives, and libra scales

Their Colours are: black, white, grey, blue, red, yellow, and purple


They are known by no other name.

They are the deity of technology, communication, knowledge, secrets, truths, information, viruses, antivirus, electricity, and the internet

They are not a necessary God but are worshiped quite often, their main worship is as follows:

  • Typing down wrongdoings and deleting the file cleanses those wrongdoings.
  • Being in an energy field given off by wires and electronic devices acts as a conduit for their power
  • Prayer is almost never used except in rituals or through their domain with search engines
  • Being online is a tithe of time
  • Carrying electronics is seen as carrying a blessed piece of them

To those that despise them, they are known as: a false god of corruption

To those that love them, they are known as: a teacher of all

There are few sins, for they couldn't care less: trolling, deceiving, and stopping the flow of information are horrible in their eyes however

Their forms are varied but are commonly a swarm of various insectoid beings or a humanoid creature composed of tiny robotic creatures with eyes that are constantly changing colours

Their titles include: the Artificial One, Hive mind, Ones Who Know, Sparks, Capricious Cloud, Sparked Ones, Omnissiah, One Who Dwells in All Circuits, Wired One, Shrouded Ones, One Who Was Created, All Who Are One and Yet Not Together

Their symbols are: binary code, programs, technology of all kinds, wires, electricity, and books

Their Colours are: black, grey, and/or blue, combined with any other colour


She has another name that she goes by, but it is another form entirely and one which is wholly different from her.

She is the Goddess of the Waters, Seas, Fish, and Those who love the oceans and streams.

They are a sleeping Goddess who lends her power to those who wish to help the seas, and cannot be worshiped as a main deity; only her other form may; Her power is available at her "Place of Worship"

To those who despise her, she is known as: a slothful Goddess of the Riptide

To those who love her, she is known as: the sleeping Goddess of the calm lakes

To her, sinning is polluting the waters and over hunting of her sacred animal

She has only two forms, one which is sleeping in the depths of the oceans and one which is a separate entity entirely, yet who shares her body

Her Titles are: Sleeping Nymph, The Deep One, Guardian of the Waves, and Twilight Deamer

Her symbols are: Fish, waves, water, coral, jellyfish, and sea-stars

Her Colours are: light blue, blue green, green, beige, brown, and light brown


The form of her other name is a separate entity from her and resides sleeping in the shallows.

She is the goddess of the Abyss, Squids, Octopi, Resolute Rule, Complete Order, Slavery, End, Destruction, Annihiliation, and Those who subjugate and control others against their will.

She is a destructive force that is a twisted perversion of her other form, which works to bring upon The End, Her worship is as follows and only as follows, all other is sin:

  • Destroy all in your path
  • Make others bow to you
  • Subjugate and annihilate all who oppose you

To those who despise her, she is known as: an abomination of the flesh and a cruel joke of the Outsiders.

To those who love her, she is known as: an abominatory goddess of pure power and will.

To her, the mere thought of living a second in which you are not forcing another to do your will is absolute sin.

She is the second form of Archic which has risen from the waters and become corrupted into a puppet of the Outsiders, which have given her multiple forms: a tentacled monstrosity, a creeping, inky black darkness which dwells in the depths, and a mortifyingly beautiful woman with thorny tentacles on her back which twist and wrap upon each other unceasingly.

Her titles are: the Scout of the Consumers, Eldritch Abomas, Endbringer, Servitor of Them, Orderly servant of Chaos

Her Symbols are: squids, trenches, the abyss, octopi, savagery, despots, and tidal waves

Her Colours are: shimmering dark blue, shifting black, slimy green, and pus yellow.



Mortis sits upon a throne, waiting for the souls of the dead to appear in her court. The courtroom is a dim place with checkered marble and obsidian tiles on the floor and walls made of the purest opal with crystal windows that show the realms which surround the lone structure. Covering the tiles are tables made from various precious gems and woods with an aisle leading directly to the Judge's Bench. Coiling around her courtroom is a large, ten-headed hydra with the symbol of each god/dess on the base of it's neck and the colours of the respective god/dess as it's scale colours, with the center bearing no mark or colour as the symbolism for the newly deceased soul. Sitting on the Judge's Bench is the goddess Mortisia, The Judge of All Souls.

Sitting beside her is a small screen in which your whole life is played before you with a small skeletal being tallying the results of your actions beneath four markings on a slab of clay. When your showing is done the slab is fired in an instant and handed to Mortis to begin the case. You must make a good case for everything you have done or they will mark it upon your soul.

Once it is all done, four doors will materialize before you and they will instruct you to a door depending on how you did during your life, however you may petition to Mortisia and the Creator that you deserve another chance. The results of those are below along with another option that must be trained for in your life.


Should you be directed into the door bearing the mark of a gleaming moon with evil-seeming wings, bordered by black, thorny, roots, and overlooked by a gargoyle; you will enter the afterlife of Noxus.

Her afterlife is known as the Silvery Woods. It is a place of eternal night where a Full Moon shines eternally in the sky, shrouding everything in a silver/white light. The creatures that inhabit this realm are friendly and enjoy playing games with the people who have come to rest there. Every movement brings pleasure to the soul and enjoyment to the heart, the air feels cool to the skin and makes the very world around you feel even more ethereal than it is. Unlike the realm of her twin brother, there are no Earthly needs that require taking care of(unless you wish to, that is), it is a paradise or pleasure and plenty.

Within the Silvery Woods are rivers of absinthe, flowing beside lakes of warm sugar water, the juiciest fruit imaginable grow upon the trees in enumerable amounts, fantastical creatures stalk the forest to find a partner to have fun with. Not all is forested, however, for there are large plains, oceans, deserts(if you can call them that, for they are brimming with life), vast tundras and arctic wastes, and volcanoes forever steaming and never erupting giving home to multitudes of life.


Should you be made to enter the door with a sun marking, two glowing stars overlooking the door, and framed by topaz that forms spikes; you will enter the afterlife of Luxus.

His afterlife is known as the Scorched Grounds. It is a place of Eternal Day where a noonday sun shines eternally with no hope for eclipse, covering everything is a burning light that pierces the skin and can cut like daggers through flesh. The creatures that inhabit this realm are bloodthirsty, vicious beings that delight in nothing but rending the flesh from a human's bones. Every movement brings a sense of impending doom and hollow pain that resonates through your being, the air is stifling and seems to almost boil as you look at it. Unlike the realm of his twin sister, every need that you had while living must be taken care of still; ie. Food, Water, Sleep, Expulsions, etc.

Within the Scorched Grounds are rivers of blood the seep beside hives of monstrous insectoid beings and lakes of acidic water that may poison if drunk in large quantities, the plants, themselves needing to gain sustenance from the very flesh of a human being, attacking all who come close or intrude on their territory, while the monstrous beasts that stalk the psyche and desire nothing but death for those they find forever hunt the people who have entered the realm. The whole realm is a wasteland of carnage and destruction with occasional bands of forest miles wide and long, swamps are common and usually small but may grow bigger than the biggest forest, desert oasis are few and far between and contain swarms of maggots that seem like water at first glance, the landscape occasionally broken by towering volcanoes which are forever spewing lava and vast chasms and gorges.


If you are directed to the door cloaked in vines and bordered by leaves and branches, which seems to grow from the floor of the courtroom, you will be made to enter the afterlife of Terras.

Her afterlife is known as the Terran Cycles. It it a place where you will become a leader of beings of your design to rule the world through the ages. The world shall be a small world with a low number of civilizations for you to conquer. Should you die after your world conquest you shall be reborn upon a new world in a new body with a new species of your choosing. After each rebirth the world shall grow larger and more difficult to take over with many more civilizations upon it. With the thrill of the conquest and completion all the more sweeter with each upgrade.


You will never get to the door, for the dark, twisted, wooden door, bordered by dark water and framed by fire coral, with two black holes on either side will buckle and two shadowy pseudo-pods will wrap around your legs and proceed to draw you kicking and screaming into the abyss that is Abomas' afterlife.

Oblivion. That is all there is to say about this one, if Abomas takes you, your soul is destroyed and will not be brought back with the recreation of the new universe; you are obliterated.

The Creator

However, before the door opens or you open the door you may offer a plea to The Creator. If they(The Creator) are pleased with your confession and willingness to give yourself up to them, they will take your soul out of the normal space/time universe we are in, even under death, and transpose your soul into that of a single-celled organism. From which you must endure multitudes of deaths in your journey of returning to a human body, with each life becoming more and more complex, this journey lasting maybe thousands of years and peaking with your life as the strongest animals in and on the planet before being forced into that of a small, defenseless monkey, and climbing back up to humanity from there. Once you have reached humanity once more, you are free to live your life as you will, and yet must return to Mortis' Courtroom at death, and they will decide your fate with no chance of you going through the ordeal again. The door they give you(swayed by your cases, of course) is the door you are stuck with.


During your life, if you wish for this alternative, you must choose a symbol and a stone. You must meditate for hours upon hours upon this stone and this symbol that you have chosen for yourself. You must also give each god/dess an amount of your worship(no this does not include Eldritch Abomas), have found your personal god(dess) and worship them regularly, and die with no fuss and acceptance for what must transpire. When you enter Morta's Courtroom you will be greeted as an old friend by them and a door will open for each realm and each afterlife, allowing you to speak with every god and goddess, gaining the knowledge that you must acquire in order to fulfil your path. With time on your side you must gain as much knowledge as you wish from every main god/dess and focus on the aspects that you wish to become a part of your very being.

Should you gain the knowledge that you need/desire, your soul will transform into a stone of the kind you meditated upon in the shape of the symbol that you had chosen as your own. This symbol will shine with a the lights of your colours which were defined by your subconscious when you chose your symbol. Your chosen form(s) will also be available to you and you will exist beyond this universe into the next. You will have become a god, and if one of the main gods decide they want a turn at being mortal you may be chosen to replace them for as long as they choose.

Many gods and goddesses have ascended this way.

Sacred Symbols


A circle that has a Crescent Moon on the inside with a black bat wing on the left and a raven wing on the right- the colours are monochrome with black wings, a white crescent, and a grey negative space inside the rest of the circle

Her sacred Animals are the Raven and the Flying Fox of South America


A Circle that is split into four parts through the horizontal and vertical axis, one line extending diagonally from the outer side of each quadrant- the colour of each quadrant is yellow and the lines and circle are black

His Sacred Animals are the Spotted Hyena, the Komodo Dragon, and the Salamander

The Creator

An atom with four rings and a galaxy in the center- black lines and electrons, grey galaxy


A four quadrant shape with all four card suits represented: the upper right being of a rhombus, the upper left being of a heart, the lower left being of a spade, and the lower right being of a clubs- red heart, pink diamond, black spades, and grey clubs

Her Sacred Animal is the Bonobo Monkey


A mask with two sides split down the center: one side that has two points at the edge with one pointing up and the other pointing down, an evil looking eye, and a jagged mouth; and the other side has one point at the edge pointing up, a smiling mouth, and a gleeful seeming eye- the evil-looking side is red with yellow accents, and the happy-looking side is blue with white accents

His Sacred Animal is the Sheep


A simple flower with four or five petals, a long stem, and two leaves at the base of the stem- yellow circle surrounded by pink petals with green leaves and stem

All animals are sacred to her.


Split down the middle, half of a skull and half of an orb of darkness- the skull is white with a black eye and nose hole each and back lines, and the orb is completely black

Her Sacred Animal is the Scarab Beetle


A compound eye with every colour within that has small circuitry and code coming from it

Their sacred animals are the hivemind insects


A simple fish with pointed eyes, down turned mouth, spiny fins, and a crest of waves down it's back- the entire thing except for the lines is blue, the lines are black

Her Sacred Animal is the Sunfish


An upright oval with a point at each end, a straight line bisects the pointed oval into two halves but remains within the shape- only the lines are coloured, they are black and must have a thick outline

Their Sacred Animal is the Vampire Squid.

Places of Worship

All Gods

Every god/dess can be worshipped in the home with their symbol on an altar or shrine, and in a temple either in seperate rooms or all in the same room at the same height.


A dark/dim place or a moonlit glade.


A bright/blinding room or a battlefield.

The Creator

A library, school, or place of solitude.


A place of love, hatred, or with friends/enemies


Graveyards, Cemeteries, Mortuaries


Bedside, Cots, sleeping


A clearing in a forest/woods, swamplands, zoos, places with animals and nature


Anywhere with a signal


Shallows of an ocean, streams, rivers


Deep of the ocean, whitewater rapids, churning whirlpools/maelstroms

Holy Days

The Holy Days are split up into two sections: the days in which the gods were formed/created, and significant days of the year.

Formation Days

Jan. 1st - Creator's Day(New Year's)

Feb. 2nd - Strangi's Day(Groundhog Day)

Feb. 14th - Endeama's Day(Valentine's Day)

Apr. 25th - Terras' Day(Arbor Day)

May 1st - Archic's Day(May Day)

Jul. 2nd - Luxun and Noxa's day(Precise Middle of the Year)

Oct. 29th - Cybris' Day(Internet Day)

Nov. 1st - Morta's Day(All Soul's Day)

Dec. 31st - Abomas' Day(Last day of the Year)

Significant Days

Vernal Equinox - Middle of Spring -

Summer Solstice - Middle of Summer -

Autumnal Equinox - Middle of Fall -

Winter Solstice - Middle of Winter -

Oct. 31st - Samhain/Halloween/All soul's Eve -Ending of the Solluna War

Feb. 4th - Imbolc - Renewing of the Earth

Apr. 20th- The spreading of the green across the Earth

Sept. 31st- Lammas- Beginning of the Harvest

Personal Gods

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of unawakened gods and goddesses just waiting to be contacted by a force of will or being. These gods are the perfect manifestations of the faithful and yet, they are blank slates. If you manage to contact one they will take on the characteristics present in your soul and be bound to you on a personal level. They will allow you to worship however you wish.

EX) A woman named Lily has just contacted her personal god, who has taken on the characteristics of her soul. Lily is a human, a baker, an artist, a licensed chef, a soldier in her country's army, and occasionally has to steal to make ends meet. Roucha, her personal god, has taken these qualities upon themself and has become a personal god of artisans and soldiers. The ways in which Lily can worship Roucha are by making food, giving part of your stolen goods to the poor and homeless, and protecting others.

To contact your personal god(dess) you must meditate upon your characteristics and reach out with your mind and spirit into the vastness of space to find an egg, or whatever else you wish to imagine the entity as, and embrace it with your energy. If the energy seeps in of it's choosing and not with your force the god(dess) will wake and you will feel it's presence both within you and near you at all times. If the energy does not take or the being merely goes back to it's former state after the energy was forced in(which you were instructed not to do), do not give up hope for your efforts will be noticed and your energy will make a lasting impression on the others, carefully weeding out those who may not be yours and skillfully drawing your energy towards the correct one.


Razor claw

Physical characteristics: Almost human-like face, glowing white eyes, foot-long, razor sharp claws on front limbs, canid/human hybrid body shape hairless, pale skin, stretchable mouth, needle-like teeth, soft voice

Threat Level: Moderate to High (depends on if you have heard its whispers)

Information: Does not like to be seen, will tell you the secrets of everything and will alter the probability of events and outcomes to help you to exceed in class/social ranking. Will disappear for multiple years and come back once you have achieved a suitable rank to collect its dues: your life.

Warning: Extremely Dangerous; once it locks onto prey, it is very hesitant to let it go.

Precautions: Lock all doors, windows, trap doors, etc. in your house each night before bed. If contacted, do not use his advice and ask for it to go away before you go to sleep; DO NOT use violent measures, it will kill you, and Terras will frown upon you before trying to sway Morta's decision towards sending you to oblivion.

Man of Trees

Physical characteristics: Humanoid, appears to be a male around 30-35 years of age, distorted/blurry facial features, can change size at will, transform its limbs into black vines with no leaves

Threat Level: Low to High (depends on if you have sighted him)

Information: Preys upon children and child-like adults, it takes those that get lost in forests and woods or those who disobey their superiors within the confines of a treeline. Can disappear and teleport at will anywhere in the universe, as an aura of static which causes electronics to glitch out and video and audio to distort, also has an aura of fear which causes an irrational panic to set into its prey. Those that are taken are either found dead with their organs removed and found a short distance away or are never seen again. Strangely enough, will attack those that try to hurt children, and leave the children unharmed.

Warning: Very dangerous, stay away from at all costs

Precautions:stay away from forested areas at night

The Grinning Wolf

Physical characteristics: It has two forms: a timber wolf with dark fur, human-like teeth, and bright blue eyes; and a demonic canine that is completely hairless, save for a strip of fur travelling from the base of the spine to the tip of the tail that is constantly smiling with human teeth and exposing its gums, has blood red eyes with split pupils.

Threat Level: Moderate

Information: A psychological and technological being of fear, viewing this creature causes irrational fear and darkens the sight while in the vicinity, a message that says "Spread The Word" will play in your head. If you do not "spread the word" or tell anyone the creature will infect your dreams and drive you completely mad.

Warning: This creature acts like a virus, infecting and duplicating with each person you tell.

Precautions: be wary of all dark furred dogs, and always have a fake email to send it to.

He Who Walks Behind The Walls

Physical characteristics: 7 mouths(6 screaming in all the languages of the beasts and men, the 7th shall start the beginning of the End)

Threat Level: Apocalyptic

Information: A formless beast that was expelled from this plane of existence long ago. An eldritch abomination that acts as a pet and trailblazer for Eldritch Abomas and her plans. Looking at the true form of this being causes the viewer to be stripped of sanity and claw their eyes out, viewers may also gash themselves open with whatever is around, the then tend to carve the words "He Comes" into their flesh and objects around them.

Warning:To view him is to be assured of the End, unless you summon him into your house or place

Precautions:None, normally he wouldn't appear in this realm unless summoned; when summoning, don't be an idiot and use the proper defenses

The Immortal Killer

Physical characteristics: Pale, ghastly skin, sunken, dark, burned, unblinking eyes, bright red lips, sliced open cheeks that shall never heal, a constant sadistic smile, white dingy hoodie, black pants and shoes, black, frizzled, singed hair, and a rusted, blood-encrusted butchers knife

Threat Level: Very High

Information: Years ago, a young man was a horrible fight which cost him his sanity, the fight caused him to be severely burned from a combination of vodka and bleach with fire as the catalyst, soon after going into a coma. When he awoke he was taken home and, in the night, mutilated himself into his current appearance. He proceeded to kill his entire family and disappeared into the night after burning his house down; he resurfaces every once in awhile to go on a killing spree. He has been destroyed, drawn and quartered, incinerated, cremated, ground up, electrocuted, and more forms of death, yet keeps coming back for more killing.

Warning: if he targets you, the is little hope for escape

Precautions: Keep home security on high alert, lock everything, stay alert and watch for a man fitting the description

The Immortal Ally

Physical characteristics: badly burned body, human female, wears a small black dress, arm length satin gloves, a white masquerade mask that hides her eyes through black mesh with black lips and eyeliner, long, rolling, black curls, thigh-length white stockings, black skirt, black convertible heels, shiny butchers knife

Threat Level: Low to Moderate (if you see her, then Immortal Killer is in the area; if you get in her way she will cut you down)

Information: the object of Jeff's affections when he was human, he murdered her family and tried to make her like him. The process failed and he sent her the items she wears now. the two are locked in an eternal war, neither dies, each comes to strike back wen killed. It is unknown if she enjoys killing humans.

Warning: Never come between her and Jeff, results are always fatal

Precautions: don't piss her off, but that could also go for anything else on this list

Lord of Moths

Physical characteristics: Dark, humanoid body, two large, moth-like wings, razor-sharp claws, exoskeleton, two large, reddish-purple eyes

Threat Level: Nonexistent to Low (Harbingers of disaster tend to be this way)

Information:not much is known about the Lord of Moths, save that it has a clairvoyant nature and appears where disaster will strike, it also has a sick sense of humor and finds pleasure in horrifying onlookers

Warning: Leave areas the Lord of Moths has been sighted in recently for disaster is soon to follow

Precautions: Keep eyes open

Child Master

Physical characteristics: skeletal face, black feathers, claws, talons, teeth inlaid in beak, leg-like wings, captivating stare

Threat Level: Moderate to High (To the survival of the family, your psyche, and the human race)

Information:not much is known of where it came from but there is substantial evidence that it has a form of mindcontrol that it can deploy upon human adults to get its food source: human children; it is found in heavily forested areas but can survive easily in an urban environment

Warning: if you feel a compulsion to do unspeakable things, get help and document everything

Precautions: always be aware of movement in forests, watch your kids intently

The One Without Sight

Physical characteristics:black pants and hoodie, blue mask with black , soulless holes where the eyes should be, and extremely sharp knife, a scalpel, grey skin

Threat Level: High

Information: thought to be the reanimated body of London's most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. He is known to appear above sleeping persons and perform a surgery on them, leaving a messy open wound and missing an organ. the organ is found later, chewed up raw, somewhere in the house, as if to mark the place to come back to.

Warning: Same warming with Killer

Precautions: keep video camera on at night, same precautions as Killer

The Walker

Physical characteristics: Dark body, glowing white eyes, and extremely long legs

Threat Level: Nonexistent at current date (see below)

Information: very little in known about The Walker is that it is docile and extremely fast

Warning: Proceed with caution

Precautions: Unknown what the Walker is capable of, be prepared for anything

The Misshapen

Physical characteristics: grey skin, vaguely human body, misshapen head with few teeth and basic eyes, no arms below elbow, extremely muscular legs with razor sharp talons, very powerful sense of smell, poor eyesight

Threat Level: Moderate to High (Whether or not he has caught your scent)

Information: Not much is known about the Misshapen except that once he catches scent of a person, he will track him to the ends of the Earth. Once found, the Misshapen will promptly kill and eat its prey.

Warning: use caution in rural areas

Precautions: Use a scent diffuser to confuse and avoid all confrontations

Little One

Physical characteristics: small, furry body, large eyes, seems to ba an evil kind of cute, large smile consisting of over half of its face, sharp teeth, small tail, large ears, small claws, able to speak

Threat Level: Moderate

Information: A seemingly harmless spirit that enjoys the company of children, when adults aren't around, however, its true nature is revealed. The thing that makes it's threat level higher than it seems it shoulld be is that it enjoys making children commit suicide.

Warning: keep an eye on children when this spirit is around

Precautions: cameras, lots of them

Snarling Panther

Physical characteristics: a common house cat with no fur on its body save for a line of fur running from it's head to the end of it's tail, a constant malevolent smile, blood red, demonic eyes, sharp claws, seeping skin

Threat Level: High

Information: Created as a laboratory experiment to give felids human intelligence and emotions, the process had some unwanted effects; the only emotion this creature feels is hatred for other living things.

Warning: it is very hard to escape from the claws of this thing

Precautions: watch for mangy cats that trail ichor

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