The Monolatristic Temple of Yarikh (MTOY) is a branch of Semitic Neopaganism. Adherents to the religion worship Yarikh, an ancient Canaanite moon god. Adherents also believe in 207 other Canaanite gods and goddesses, but do not worship them or give them offerings, thus the religion is a monolatry.

On July 31st, 2017, Goston Nemeth, a priest of Yarikh, coined the words "Yarian" to describe worshippers of Yarikh and "Yarianism" to describe the faith.

A common Yarian prayer is "Yareha Gadol" which is Hebrew for "Yarikh is great" (or "the moon god is great", or "the moon is great.".)



The Orthodox Temple is the original branch of the Monolatristic Temple of Yarikh.


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The Fisherman's Temple is a branch of the Temple founded by a Priest named Goston Nemeth after he visited an Anglican church on a coastal Nova Scotian village. The church was focused on fisherman-related Christianity. Nemeth decided to incorporate fishing into the Temple.