Ko'ism is a religion based upon sacred stones and luck. Ko'ists believe that once a stone has been baptized by a Koman (priest), it becomes sacred and lucky. Ko'ists pray to their stones when in need of luck. They do not require to pray to it every day.

The stone can be a regular stone from the ground, but it must be deemed fit for baptism by the Koman.

Ko'ist shrines are usually composed of an icon or a statuette of the Prophet Zoltàn and a sacred stone that has been baptized.

Ko'ists believe that once baptized, a stone becomes inhabited by a Bubus, an angel-spirit that brings luck to the stone.


The word Ko'ism is derived from the Hungarian word "Ko", meaning rock, or stone. An "ism" is added at the end so it would sound like most other religions.

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