Jin-Chan-Shukyo is a syncretic Japanese faith. Followers believe that Jin Chan, a mythical three-legged frog. Jin-Chan is believed to have the power of good fortune. He is also believed to have the ability to protect and attract wealth.

Jin-Chan-Shukyonists worship idols of Jin Chan in Jin-Chan-Shukyonist shrines.

Stories of Jin-Chan originated in China, but most Jin-Chan-Shukyonists live in Japan.

Jin-Chan-Shukyonists reject a Chinese myth claiming that Jin Chan was the "greedy" wife of one of the eight immortals who was transformed into a toad as punishment for stealing the peaches of immortality. Jin-Chan-Shukyonists believe that Jin Chan is not a female but a male, contradictory to a Chinese myth rejected by Jin-Chan-Shukyonists.

  1. Liu Hai is venerated as a prophet in Jin-Chan-Shukyo. Liu Hai was guided to immortality by Jin Chan, according to Chinese mythology.