Monks are similar to the priests however they do not share any political power. Monks are meant to be totally avoided of the world spending their time studying and helping as well as healing people.

Becoming a monk

Monks are typically priests who have commited a crime and thus to avoid becoming outcasts they are made to become monks. These monks typically castrate themselves and shave off their beards and head hair.Monks do not need training apart from healing and studying

Role of monks

Monks are entirely devoted to God and to seeking forgivence for their crimes. Monks typically act as healers for people travelling or they act as household servants to members of the priestly caste. Monks occupy a space inbetween that of priests and outcastes. Monks cannot marry or have children and remain celibate until they die. 


Monks are typically disgraced priests who have comitted crimes or have been accused of heresy. 

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