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Scripture and Spiritual Guidance

The Bill of Rights, the Declaration, the Founding Fathers' writings, "The Quotable Founding Fathers" by Buckner F. Melton Jr., The Way We Pray by Maggie Oman Shannon, The Holy Kojiki, The Hindu scriptures, the Bible, 1000 World Prayers by Marcus Braybrooke, the Federalist Papers, spiritual guidance from various faiths and philosophies(Omnism), and people other than the Founders.


Americanism, worship of Spirits, ancestor worship, American concepts of Liberty, religious freedom, interfaith, syncretism, eclecticism, positive spirituality, growth, & self-improvement, and the philosophical ideology of the Founders.


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This page is meant to show the various intricacies of the omnist religion of Washingtonism. Topics proposed on such page include rituals and ethics, among other points of discussion.

For general knowledge of the faith go to Washingtonism.


Rituals for specific holy holidays

God and the Divine

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Washingtonist Ethics


The American Covenant