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Sacred Scripture and Spiritual Guidance
The Washingtonism scripture book, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration, the Constitution, the Washingtonism Religious Creed and Washingtonism Way of Guidance, the Quotable Founding Fathers book by Buckner F. Melton Jr., the Federalist Papers by the Founding Fathers, Richard Brookhiser’s What Would the Founders Do?, George Washington’s Rules of Civility by George Washington, Ben Franklin’s Autobiography with Virtues by Ben Franklin, Visions of Freedom by Michael De Groote, An Assembly of Demi-gods by John P. Kaminski, The Real George Washington by Jay A. Parry, George Washington: Writings (Library of America) by George Washington & John H. Rhodehamel, Ben Franklin and Nature’s God by Alfred Owen Aldridge, Ben Franklin’s Virtues by Ben Franklin, In the Hands of a Good Providence by Mary V. Thompson, The Founding Fathers: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches by Gordon Leidner, Washington’s Birthday book, edited by Robert Haven Schauffler, An Imperfect God by Henry Wiencek, brief biographies of each Founding Father


Religious Patriotism, religious Americanism, worship of Spirits, spiritualism, spiritual ancestor worship, American concepts of Liberty, positive spirituality, growth, & self-improvement, and the philosophical ideology of the Founders.



The exact number of religious adherents is currently unknown.


The God of Americanism/general Theism, and divine men(the Founding Fathers)

Places of Worship

Private Home Shrines

This page is meant to show the various intricacies of the monotheistic religion of Washingtonism. Topics proposed on such page include rituals and ethics, among other points of discussion.

For general knowledge of the faith go to Washingtonism.


Rituals for specific holy holidays

God and the Divine

Holy Scripture & Guidance

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Washingtonist Ethics

List of sins:

Sins include: slavery, murder, rape, physical and mental abuse, doing illegal things, hatred, prejudice, meanness, lying, cruelty, cheating, adultery, cheating on one's spouse, sexual immorality/homosexuality/ LGBT, political dishonesty, no self-control, greed, selfishness, political genocide, political oppression, poor political leadership, disobedience to the U.S. Constitution, disobedience to the Founding Fathers.


The American Covenant Prayer