The Church of Luck is a Christian church that is not deeply religious. The commandments received by Moses are not followed in this religion. The beliefs are centered in luck and worship.

The church believes that if you praise Jesus, he will give you luck in return. Praises to Jesus often include reciting a psalm or touching the hand of a statue of Jesus. Some younger members of the church perform the popular "dab" dance move to Jesus as a sacred action of worship. The most religious church members burn incense or light candles for Jesus.

The church was founded by a man who called himself Asher Samson. He founded the church in June of 2017. His ministry began when he started preaching on a small island in a pond in a park.

The Church of Luck is an agnostic religion, meaning the church members are not sure of the existence of God. Most believe that there is no God, and that Jesus became a god, or a King-Priest, when he was crucified. In this church, Jesus is considered more of a King-Priest than a Messiah. Church members believe that Jesus holds the power of good fortune, which he will give to good worshipers as a reward.

The church believes that arrogance is a sin, and that all should be humble, and worship something greater than themselves, in this case, Jesus.

Worship Ranks

Different types of worship result in different amounts of luck according to Asher Samson. These are the types of worship from smallest amount of luck reward to biggest amount of luck reward. The more complex the worship, the more devout the person is.

  • "Dab" dance move - 1 luck reward, 5% devout
  • Praising or praying to Jesus - 3 luck reward, 20% devout
  • Reciting a verse from a psalm - 5 luck reward, 30% devout
  • Reciting several verses of a psalm - 6 luck reward, 32% devout
  • Reciting a whole psalm - 7 luck reward, 35% devout
  • Burning incense - 10 luck reward, 50% devout

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