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Within the Church of Armentine the Great, there are many men and women noted for holiness and virtuous, who have earned the respective title "Per," which is first mentioned within the Book of Orsa (2:29), written by the Almighty Itself: "But I knew that Guilliumus had faithfully followed me, and could not bear to lose him, so I took his essence, and gave it form in the Void with me, to help govern the world, and I presented him with the holy title of Per." This is a chronological list of all Pers.

Pers Reason(s) for Pership
Guilliumus Guilliumus, of the second generation of man, was the first to worship the Almighty, and that is the reason the One chose to give him everlasting life.
Orsiris "As religious in spirit" as his grandfather, Guillimus.
Marilyn Not specified, though she was, in her own words, "deeply religious."
Gorgantine Devoted his life to the service of Armentine. He was stripped of his title for a while, but after his return to grace presumably received it back.
Dierich Member of the holiest race of beings, Herbonii.
Eoi Was once unholy, but became a great prophet.
Bjao Unspecified, though he prayed quite often and was "Most Righteous."
Byu Had "faith untold" and was a disciple of Jewel Dikyr.
Jewel Dikyr Sister of the Almighty, and performer of many miracles.
Phillipus Was once unholy, but became a disciple of Jewel Dikyr.