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The Armentinian year, consists of the cycle of seasons in Armentine churches which determines when feast days, including celebrations of Pers, are to be observed, and which portions of the Gospel of the Pers are to be read.

Feast of Armentine

The point of time from November 30 to December 24 is a time for very merry celebrating, and one of the few times of the year when gluttony is allowed.

Per Guilliumus' Day

December 25 is a time to celebrate the first humani Per, Guilliumus. It coincides with the Christian Christmas.

Night of Per Marilyn

January 6's Night of Per Marilyn was originally a minor celebration, although now it has become especially important among female Armentinians to celebrate the Almighty's equal love.


The forty day period prior to Eoi (see below) was named for Orsiris, the holy son of Marilyn, of whom not much is known. Due to it's long legnth, it is considered a time for reflection on what is unknown and respect for all those connected with the righteous.

Good Gorgantineday

The last Friday before Eoi (see below) celebrates Gorgantine the Holy, though it is the most commercialized holiday, with Gorgantine being a Santa Claus-like mythical figure who brings treats to worshipful children.


The important holiday of Eoi, whose date varies, is named for Eoi, whose faith was questioned when he killed a man, this major day looks upon the goodness and badness of mankind.