Chapter 1

1:1 What I write about has already been written, I know, both by followers of the Savior and by official recording.

1:2 However, I, Adam, have studied these writings greatly, and, being of complete understanding, as much as can be said of any, of the events that pertained to the early life of Ivy not yet recorded in this Gospel, have taken up the pen to describe these early days.

1:3 As I write, a man from the east called Yeshua has appeared, and he is the son, I believe, of Yosef, though he claims to be the son of Yahweh. Whether he is or not, I know not; for though I hath seen nothing to convince me of Yahweh's existance, I confess it is a possibility He is brother of Armentine.

1:4 Still, I say that, though there are writings of Yeshua being writ still, there are but the two books, Ignotus and Salvifico, concerning our Mistress.