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Over time, through soul-searching and devout reading of the Gospel of the Pers, followers of the Church of Armentine the Great have attempted to make it clear what their views on subjects of spiritual interest to the public are.

Alternative lifestyles

While the Gospel of the Pers does not specifically condemn homosexuality, bisexuality, or other alternative sexualities and life styles, it does stress the importance of heterosexual relationships. The most common interpretation of the text is that the Church does not actively oppose such things, although public displays of affection are cut off to all.


Armentenians advise all men to be "careful with their profit," though gambling itself is not specifically mentioned. Taking from other Gospel verses, it would seem that the Creator does not mind betting unless it harmfully affects the gambler himself or those around him.

Racism and Sexism

Throughout all Church teachings, not one race is identified, other than a holy merchant being of "dark skin", obviously hinting that ethnic status is not at all important in comparison to their person. Some religious leaders quote Doctor Martin Luther King in not judging people "by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." In addition, sexism is specifically condemned by the Almighty Itself in Orsa 2:6: "And so I said unto Hywel, "I hath given ye a wife, and promised you may be fruitful, and multiply, and live together in harmony until the end of your days, but ye hath not honored me. You treateth your wife as though she was not your equal. Do you not know that I made her from That Which Was Not, just as I did you, and that you are one and the same?"


Very few people mentioned in the Gospel participate in polygamy, or marriage of more than one person, and no mention is made of whether this act is moral or not. For this reason, it seems best that followers instead rely on local human laws for answers on this precarious subject.

Premarital sex

Almighty Armentine takes no care in when a person has sex, before marriage or after, or if there is ever a marriage at all. Instead, It stresses that all intercourse be between two unrelated people who love each other, and are willing to produce a child in their relationship.