Azkavlandian Neopaganism is the revival of Azkavlandian folk religion. adherents usually wear blue tuques.


Azkavlandian Neopagans believe in the Moon Elder, an elderly god who sleeps on the moon. The night of the full moon, the god awakens, and comes down to Earth, so that he will not fall off the moon. Adherents build little stone circles for the god's spirit to rest in until the moon is no longer full.

The Story of Lokve

In the early 9th century A.D, there was a man named Lokve. On top of the highest mountain in the Azkavlandian mountain range, the Moon Elder whispered in Lokve's ear. Lokve went down to his village and said to everybody "Hey, come worship the Moon Elder!". Some followed him, and others thought he was crazy.

Once, Lokve stood on a large rock, singing prayers to the Moon Elder at night. He woke everyone in the village, and some guards seized him, and executed him by impaling him at a wooden pole. His followers would not cease to pray to the Moon Elder, and they eventually converted everyone in Azkavland.


Azkavlandian Neopagans believe in Light Dragons and Dark Dragons. Dragons are conjoined by a cord attached to the Dragon's ear. Dark Dragons live in the mountains, and come out to terrorize the people, but are driven back by the Light Dragons, who live in the clouds, and come down to fight against the Dark Dragons.

Dragon Claws were frequently found in the Azkavlandian mountain range. Dark Dragon claws were considered bad luck, and were brought to the village to be burned by the priest. Light Dragon claws were considered good luck, and were given to the priest to use to heal people.


After being converted to Catholicism by the Hungarians in the 11th century A.D, the Azkavlandians formed a syncretic religion, mixing native beliefs with Christian beliefs. Lokve was represented by icons of St. Polycarp, and the Moon Elder was represented by a crucifix. Wooden idols of the Moon Elder and Lokve were burned along with the Light Dragon claws. Light Dragons were represented by angels, and Dark Dragons were represented by demons.

Cultural Appropriation

Because Azkavlandians were oppressed by the British, the French, Protestants, the Ottomans, and others, Azkavlandian Neopagans get very angry when those people try to join their religion or wear their blue tuques.

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